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Specializes in the aquaculture solutions and life support systems for industrialized culturing of various aquatic species, especially the intensive aquaculture projects and entertaining aquarium development.

  • We take care of the water for your fish business
    DECO International Ltd., founded in 1993, has been promoting the concept of scientific aquatic life support and environmental protection of aquaculture and aquarium industry in China for many years.

    DECO is a company that has introduced the advanced life support system technology from Germany. The company has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of recirculating aquaculture system. DECO has been following the world’s trending RAS technology, leading the industry of RAS solutions in China and actively promoting the research and development of new products. The technical team consists of German and Chinese professionals in the fields of water treatment technology, biotechnology, electromechanical technology, engineering management technology.

    • 1996+
      Company Establishment
    • 500+
      Company Personnel
    • 3000+ Factory Area
    • DESIGN
      Customized solutions for RAS
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    Specially designed and manufactured for industrialized aquaculture environment, with advanced and innovative concepts and technological patents.

    We are committed to producing the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Therefore, we sincerely invite interested companies to contact us for more information.

    B block, NO.2, HongSheng industrial park, Shi Bei Road, Da Shi street, Pan Yu district, GuangZhou, China

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