The rotary drum filter used in the Recirculating Aquaculture System designed by DECO is designed with German technology, and used to remove the solid particle such as fish/shrimp dropping, feed waste in the aquaculture water.It is a physicla/mechanical filter.

The body of drum filter is made of PP or Stainless steel(SS304 or SS316L), and the filtering mesh is made of double-layer SS316L .With automatic back washing device, suitable for fresh water or salt water, easy operation and high effect.

Filtering precision:20um-75um
Flow rate:30m3/h-800m3/h

  • DECO Drum Filter DECO Drum Filter
    DECO drum filter is designed with German technology and double braided mesh sieves.The water passes from the inside of the drum through the mesh sieve into the clean water room. During that, the suspended solids larger than the size of the mesh holes are kept on the surface of the mesh sieve and then washed into the collecting slot from where they flow out of the system.The mesh size is from 30μm to 100μm. This mesh rinsing system in DECO drum filters is activated automatically by water level control or timer. During rinsing the drum will start rotating simultaneously.DECO Best Quality DECO Drum Filter fabrication: As a professional supplier, DECO not only supply high quality products but also provide integrated aquaculture solution to our customers.

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