DECO protein skimmer is specially designed and manufactured for industrial aquaculture fish farm and ornamental fish aquariums, and using Germany Venturi technology (integrated design of jet pump and reaction chamber) to filter suspended particles (smaller than 20um) and soluble protein.

Product function

1)Made of PP/Fiberglass, with capabilities of corrosion resistance and long service life.

2)Equipped with bubble collector and automatic / semi-automatic washing device, it is convenient, power conservative and water saving for scheduled cleaning.

3)Mixing chamber produce large number of fine bubble (smaller than 1mm) by technical diffuser, which separates protein from water, with an filtering efficiency of more than 90%.

4)It can be used in conjunction with ozone generator, residual zone adsorbed or ORP automatic control system. (optional )

DECO protein skimmer is categorized in 4 series, BV series, DE series, DB series, DEJ series and FB series.

Flow rate: 4m³/h-300m³/h.

  • DECO Protein Skimmer DECO Protein Skimmer
    DECO protein skimmer is designed for use in aquaculture and big show aquariums. The high efficiency of the skimmer is achieved by a specially designed Venturi Injection System consisting of a Venturi Jet with the appropriate Booster Pump to produce big quantities of fine air bubbles (< 1mm). These bubbles act as an effective filter element and remove protein compounds and with that other organic compounds, BOD/COD, small particles, food waste, feces, bacteria and oxidation products from ozone treatment out from the water into a foam cup.DECO Best DECO Protein Skimmer Factory Price - DECO,Deco has been strictly in compliance with the essential requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. All the equipment’s manufactured by DECO must be strictly tested before shipping to ensure stability and quality. The equipment we supply are convenient in installation, efficient in energy-saving, and long life-cycles.

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