DECO ozone disinfection system is patented and specially designed for use in aquaculture and aquariums. The system mainly consists of 3 parts:

Ozone Reactor: the water for treatment flows through the reactor. With a specially designed venturi injection system with a booster pump, the ozone is sucked from the ozone generator and as very fine bubbles intensively mixed with the water for treatment and injected into the reactor.

Ozone Generator: the ozone gas is generated from pure oxygen by electrical discharge. The oxygen is produced in a piece of built-in equipment in the ozone generator. Redox- or ORP controller: the effluent-treated water is permanently checked by an ORP controller to assure that the treatment process is successful and no ozone is overdosed.

The controller stops or opens the ozone flow. The residual ozone in the exit air of the reactor can be eliminated by an ozone destructor, which we can offer.

  • DECO Ozone Disinfection System for Fish Culturing Water Treatment DECO Ozone Disinfection System for Fish Culturing Water Treatment
    DECO Professional DECO Ozone Disinfection System is an all-in-one ozone disinfection complex mainly composed of one protein skimmer and one ozone generator, which is used for sterilization and decontamination of the fish culturing water. DECO Ozone Disinfection System is durable to work in humid environments. The equipment has integrated with automatic failure alarms, such as 0 ozone alarm, backwater alarm, overheat alarm & ESD, circuit failure alarm, and some other functions, which ensure a safe unattended non-human operating condition.DECO ozone disinfection system is DECO's patented product. It is specially designed for the use of disinfection in RAS and aquarium life support system.

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