DECO Heat Pump,

The water source heat pump is an integrated heating and cooling device with seawater/well water as the heat source and capable of cooling/heating circulation. It uses water as the energy source for heating or for cooling, which is highly efficient and energy-saving. It is widely used in industrialized aquaculture, swimming pool constant temperature system and aquarium marine life support system.

  • DECO Heat Pump DECO Heat Pump
    DECO heat pump can provide constant temperature mode of heating and cooling.It has advantages of long working life,low noise,little vibration,easy installation and easy operation.DECO Best DECO Heat Pump Company - DECO,In addition, the patented DECO Protein Skimmer, that adopts the integrated design of the jet injector with the German Venturi technology and the unique structure of the reaction chamber, is capable to separate and filter more than 90% of the reaction particles and soluble liquid proteins which are small than 20μm. It can be used with interconnected ozone production devices.

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