DECO Water Monitoring System

DECO Water Monitoring System

IKS Water Monitoring System imported from Germany product features:
1. Indoor and outdoor installation possible
2. Measuring of pH, ORP, Temperature, DO, salinity , water-level.
3. Every single measuring and regulating unit will operate also without the PC
4. Software update
5. Online data collecting and storing(store also when power is off), data analyzing at any time
6. Alarm function acoustic, optic, SMS message to mobile phone, fax
7. Remote data enquiry via SMS controller
8. Manage pumps, feeders, oxygen/air supply, cooling / heating, other el. equipment via switch socket

DECO Water Monitoring System Product Features:
1. Automatically control circulating filtration,temperature,light,
disinfection,oxygenation,water supply,drainage and feeding of
sea water and fresh water.
2. Online real-time monitoring DO,temperature,PH,ORP,
conductivity,liquid level,turbidity and air pressure.
3. According to the automatic control of dissolved oxygen,it
keeps the level of dissolved oxygen in water.It can deduct the
water quality to avoid the unqualified water.
4. With network and wireless remote control,it can be checked

DECO Best DECO Water Monitoring System Supplier,In addition, the patented DECO Protein Skimmer, that adopts the integrated design of the jet injector with the German Venturi technology and the unique structure of the reaction chamber, is capable to separate and filter more than 90% of the reaction particles and soluble liquid proteins which are small than 20μm. It can be used with interconnected ozone production devices.

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DECO  is carried out by our designers who aim to maintain and improve the lifestyle of customers by delivering the most effective and innovative wellness sauna product.


1.DECO is the pioneer in China to integrate the ozone disinfection process in its own designed RAS system DECOFFACC and has been promoting the concept in domestic aquaculture market since 2001. The technology has been used through the years and applied widely and stably in numerous domestic and oversea projects in experiments and aquaculture.
2.Deco has been strictly in compliance with the essential requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. All the equipment’s manufactured by DECO must be strictly tested before shipping to ensure stability and quality. The equipment we supply are convenient in installation, efficient in energy-saving, and long life-cycles.
3.As a professional supplier, DECO not only supply high quality products but also provide integrated aquaculture solution to our customers.
4.DECO, founded in 1993, has devoted to the industry of life-support system for aquarium ornamental fish and recirculating aquaculture systems for more than 20 years. DECO is a well-reputed RAS supplier to domestic and oversea clients for the projects performed in which we ensure high product quality and customized solutions. We have been serving clients with pragmatic, customer-oriented approach and innovative spirit.

About DECO

Guangzhou Degang Aquatic Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company established with cooperation between DECO International Co., Ltd. and German system technology professional cooperation. It is a professional manufacturer of special equipment for life-saving systems. DECO engineers have corresponding professional background and qualification certificates. Many of them have been engaged in in the water treatment industry for many years, having obtained abundant experience and actively promoted the research and development and new products design for DECOFACC RAS system. We have a number of products with independent patent that make DECO play a leading role in the business of industrial aquaculture and aquarium life-sustaining system in China, especially in terms of the technology of RAS system. where there is aquatic life that needs clean recirculating water, DECOFACC system is there ready to support. Guangzhou DECO Aquaculture Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing energy-saving, high-efficient integrated RAS solution in protection for aquatic environment, aquatic creatures and species. The company has obtained Quality Management System Certification ISO9001:2015.

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