DECO is specialized in providing customized integrated RAS solutions for inland aquaculture projects and aquatic life support systems for aquariums. We are able to plan and design the recirculating water treatment solution based on the customer's business requirements and demands, providing the projects can achieve economic success. Our oxygen supply equipment products are well designed and prepared for different applications in aquaculture covering the work of source water treatment, broodstock, incubation, hatchery, nursery, grow-out systems, and aquariums. 

The company is also professional in planning and supplying life support systems for large and medium-scale aquariums, marine museums, underwater entertainment projects, polar museums, and marine life breeding facilities. We have profound experience in providing integrated technology solutions for aquatic life support for your aquarium facilities or development. 

DECO has a professional technical support team from Germany and China, handling all difficult technical issues for various aquaculture projects and aquarium development. 

  • Provide"turn key"service
    Provide"turn key"service

    The industrial fish farm includes all steps from broodstock over hatchery and nursery to grow out. 

    Following the wishes of the customer and the local conditions we plan environment friendly, energy and water saving, high reliable recirculation systems with innovative biology and technology.The load of the pools, biological treatment, skimming capacity,ozone demanding,  aeration/oxygen demanding are calculated by our DECO formula and so each RAS system is designed to follow customers  demanding.

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